Going to Try Out a Big Shot

Next week, I will be visiting a fellow card crafter to try out her Big Shot. A Big Shot is a die cutting and embossing machine. Until very recently, I didn’t know what either of these meant, other than that die cutting is obviously a form of cutting and embossing makes things raised. I was sent a beautiful card made with a Cuttlebug, another die cutting/embossing machine. I looked online for information on how these machines work, but couldn’t figure out whether I’d be able to use them without vision, so I wanted to try one out.

I’ve been a member of a few cardmaking E-mail groups for a while, and asked around if someone could recommend a store in my area. I normally buy my craft supplies online, but figured this should be something I’d buy in a physical store, given that the thing costs about E80,- and I have a history of buying craft supplies online that I end up never using because I cannot work them. Someone from a town near where I live E-mailed me to invite me to try out her Big Shot. I had asked about a Cuttlebug, because this is the most commonly used die cutting machine, but the Big Shot has some advantages anyway. For example, she said it requires less strength to operate, is more stable and usually cheaper too. So next week I’ll be trying out the thing, and then may be buying it myself.


7 thoughts on “Going to Try Out a Big Shot

  1. Hi Astrid, this is Cyn from the C-R-A-F-T group I think you are going to enjoy your visit to try out this Big Shot machine you are talking about. I don’t believe I have seen one before but it sounds something like the Go Baby I have that cuts out different shapes of fabric. Now is this something that cuts fabric or for cutting out paper for scrapbooking? The reason I am asking is because you have said something about embossing and I think that is with paper. I haven’t ever tried that either. Yet I do some things to try that I have bought for embossing like some colored powers.

  2. Hi Astrid! This is Karen from the CRAFT group. I got a big shot for Christmas. So far I love it! I have some dies and some embossing folders. Good luck with your new blog.
    hugs Karen

  3. Hi Astrid, Diana here from the C.R.A.F.T group, I have both the cuttlebug and the Big Shot they are both good, I think if I had known more I would of bought the Big Shot first and not bothered with the cuttlebug, though the cuttlebug is easier to move around as it folds up and takes up less space when not using, they both do the same thing and most of the dies are interchangeable as are the embossing folders. Good idea to see if you can manage it before buying. I dont think you will be sorry if you purchase either one if you can manage to use them. The cuttlebug has suction feet so that when you open it up it adheres to a good stable surface. I think the Big shot is a fraction wider but is also because of its shape very stable on a table. They aren’t really for fabric but I do believe that one particular type of die they use will work with fabric or felt etc

  4. Hello there – looking forward to seeing your creations – I am sure that you will have lots of fun with the Big Shot – I have had mine for 4 years now and wouldn’t be without it!

  5. Hi Astrid…the Big Shot (or a similar machine) will be wonderful for you. I’ve not used one myself but I have had a Cuttlebug and a Grand Calibur…they all do the same jobs.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you create with it.

  6. Hello Astrid, This is Heather from the craft group. I enjoyed your projects. I too love making handmade cards. I don’t have the big shot but sounds like it’s tons of fun.

    Heather in wi

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