First Polymer Clay Creations

A few weeks ago, I picked up the idea of trying out polymer clay. I have been a bit disappointed in my cardmaking skills, and wanted something where I would be less dependent on my non-existent vision. I will continue to make cards, and in fact just this morning signed up for a cardmaking day in October, but I want something else too.

The drawback of polymer clay and other 3D crafts is that they can’t be laid under a scanner, but my husband offered to take pictures for me. So here are my first two polymer clay creations. The first is a figure that a nurse here said looks somewhat like Barbapapa, a Dutch children’s animation film character. The second is a key chain with both handcrafted polymer clay beads (the purple ones) and glass beads (the green ones) on a wire.


Key chain


4 thoughts on “First Polymer Clay Creations

  1. These are both fab projects…and you’re right…the first one does look like Barbapapa! I used to watch that as a kid.

    Glad to read you’re not giving up on the idea of cardmaking…I think you’ll do just fine.

  2. Hi Astrid!
    I like the first figure, I used to watch Barbapapa a lot as a kid too! I even think we had curtains with the whole Barbapapa family on, wonder where they are.
    Hugs, Elenor

  3. Your keychain is gorgeous. Great job. I just think it is wonderful that you are so determined to craft. Life is all about the small victories, especially when one has some sort of handicap. And sometimes the victory is not so much the end product but the good feeling one gets doing it. There are so many great artists who are handicapped in some way or the other. Never give up.

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