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Christmas Challenges for the Past Weeks

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, and at this point, find WordPress particularly hard to use. I have blogged for six years, but for whatever reason, WP decided to change their look and now I can’t use it that well anymore. Anyway, here are the cards I made for the past weeks’ Christmas challenges on a Dutch E-mail group. I did get some help cutting out the edges on the second card and writing on the third. The 3D cut-out Christmas bell was also pre-made by someone from the aforementioned group.

Christmas Card for Week 5

Christmas Card for Week 6

Christmas Card for Week 7


Some Christmas Cards

On a Dutch cardmaking group, we have a weekly Christmas challenge running from January through to NOvember. Here are two cards I made for this. The third card was inspired by the owner of the American group about which I wrote on Sunday. She is trying to help me learn to make cards, and suggested I try tearing papers and making layers of those. I only realized the torn papers could look like a Christmas tree after I stuck them onto the base, so then I decided to add the star.

Christmas Card 1

Christmas Card 2

Christmas Card 3