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Crafting Frustration

Yesterday, I went to visit a cardmaking acquaintance to try out her Big Shot. It was fun, and I could actually work the thing independently. Today, I feel a lot less good about myself, since my swap partner on an American cardmaking group received my card. She is the owner of the list the swap was for, and told me privately that the card was not appropriate for swapping. She did offer to teach me, and was relatively discrete in her criticism, but this is just the umpteenth time I notice how my hobbies aren’t working out. I tried polymer clay modeling yesterday, and noticed I couldn’t even make good sculptures with molds. This may be because it was my first attempt at sculpting except for a rather childish figure I made on Monday without the use of any equipment. After all, the problem was getting the models out of the molds without damaging them. However, I want to be able to be creative, and not at a six-year-old child’s level. Tomorrow at recreational therapy, I will be making an effort at making the embossed and die-cut images I created yesterday into an actual card. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what does.


Going to Try Out a Big Shot

Next week, I will be visiting a fellow card crafter to try out her Big Shot. A Big Shot is a die cutting and embossing machine. Until very recently, I didn’t know what either of these meant, other than that die cutting is obviously a form of cutting and embossing makes things raised. I was sent a beautiful card made with a Cuttlebug, another die cutting/embossing machine. I looked online for information on how these machines work, but couldn’t figure out whether I’d be able to use them without vision, so I wanted to try one out.

I’ve been a member of a few cardmaking E-mail groups for a while, and asked around if someone could recommend a store in my area. I normally buy my craft supplies online, but figured this should be something I’d buy in a physical store, given that the thing costs about E80,- and I have a history of buying craft supplies online that I end up never using because I cannot work them. Someone from a town near where I live E-mailed me to invite me to try out her Big Shot. I had asked about a Cuttlebug, because this is the most commonly used die cutting machine, but the Big Shot has some advantages anyway. For example, she said it requires less strength to operate, is more stable and usually cheaper too. So next week I’ll be trying out the thing, and then may be buying it myself.